Bridging Developmental Science and Practice for Children

This is a personal website of Hiromichi Hagihara.

Approaching a Wonderland of Children

Many children develop at a rapid rate to adulthood surprisingly. Adults are often overwhelmed by this fact and they mostly pay attention to the "smartness" of children, which results in a desire to raise children as smart as possible and to bring them closer to adults as soon as possible. However, it is also true that children have their own "unique wonderland" according to their stage of development, and such a world itself is full of fascination. We as adults have forgotten about it even though we have experienced our childhoods by ourselves.


From this point of view, I aim to conduct research and clinical activities with the attitude of rediscovering the fascinating and wonderful world of children, regarding them as my teachers.

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このような視点から,わたしは「大人が偉いわけじゃない」「 子どもに学ぶ,子どもに教わる」という姿勢を目指しつつ研究・臨床活動に取り組んでいます。

Research Interests

  • How flexible and undifferentiated (pluripotent) is the meaning of words in early language development?
  • How does tool-use experience or body movement influence on early word learning and semantic differentiation of words?
  • Developing quantitative and automated techniques for assessments and support processes in rehabilitation, especially in the field of pediatric occupational therapy.
  • Facilitating and promoting interdisciplinary conversation through the development and practice of the program of the Preparing Future Faculty.

Keywords: language acquisition, word learning, tool-use, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, interdisciplinary education